After Hours and Emergent Eye Care

If you experience a  red eye, infection, injury, eye pain, flashes of light and/or floaters, or sudden change(s) in your vision, call (719) 276-1660 so we can  help assess your eye-related emergency.  We provide eye care for after hour eye emergencies. When being evaluated, treated, and managed for acute eye care, you want the quickest access and quickest recovery to get your eyes and vision healthy again.

Our office routinely helps evaluate, treat, and manage: eye injuries, eye infections, conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, iritis, foreign bodies, cataracts,  glaucoma, retina detachment, retina tears, retina vasculopathy, diabetic retinopathy,  and optic neuropathy.  Call us at (719) 276-1660 and follow the prompt for our emergent eye care.