Dry Eyes

Claflin Eye Care routinely diagnoses, treats, and manages dry eyes.

Dry Eye is a chronic condition caused by insufficient tears and increased tear evaporation. Your tears are made up of oily, watery, and lipid layers. Disruption of any of these layers can result in dry eyes. Symptoms of dry eyes include dry, burning, itching, foreign body sensation that can even result in sharp stabbing pains.

There are many causes to dry eye. Some of the more common causes include environment, age, certain medications, and systemic health conditions.

Dry Eye treatment and management can be a challenge for both patients and clinicians alike given its chronic nature. Treatment options include topical hydration drops, topical medical anti-inflammatory drops, physical tear drainage occlusion, and oral neutraceuticals (diet, vitamins, supplements).

Do you have dry eye and what treatment is best for you? Let us help at Claflin Eye Care, and remember – dry eye treatment is a process!

Red Eyes / Infections / Foreign Body

Infections, Inflammations, Injuries, and Foreign Bodies are best treated by a family eye doctor.

When being evaluated, treated, and managed for red eyes, eye infections, and foreign bodies, it makes best sense your primary eye care doctor evaluate you with a microscope to get our eyes and vision healthy again.

There are times a “red eye” can be confused with more serious eye infections, inflammations, or other conditions lending to a longer recovery.

Timely and accurate diagnosis with proper management will get your eyes on the mend quicker so you can see and feel better. Call us at Claflin Eye Care for a faster recovery of your eye infection, inflammation, or injury!

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